Walter's Hot Dog Stand

WE'RE HIRING! Full-time & part-time positions are available at the stand and on our food truck. Flexible scheduling. EMAIL US AT INFO@WALTERSHOTDOGS.COM. 

We're open all year round, seven days a week!

For merchandise & mustard orders, please email us.




We accept large orders for parties, luncheons, events, etc., however, they must be prepaid for 1-2 days in advance and picked up before or at opening on the scheduled day of the order. Please note that sending an email does not confirm an order until we have replied and accepted payment. EMAIL US AT INFO@WALTERSHOTDOGS.COM for large order inquiries. 

Please note, the Truck calendar is only for events open to the public, so you can follow us around town! For more information regarding private events email us at  

We have *new* Walter's t-shirts, long sleeves, caps, beanies, and hooded sweatshirts. Ask about sizes and colors at the stand or email us to order merchandise or mustard.