Walter's Hot Dog Stand

WE'RE HIRING! Full-time & part-time positions are available at the stand and on our food truck. Flexible scheduling. EMAIL US AT INFO@WALTERSHOTDOGS.COM. 

We're open all year round, seven days a week!

For merchandise & mustard orders, please email us.




Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized Walter's Mustard retailer. You must have a business license (issued by your local government). Applications to sell Walter's Mustard from home or on auction websites will not be considered. U.S. retailers can fill out Walter's Mustard Retailer Application to begin. Walter's will review completed applications in the order they are received. Applications must be complete. The total review process may take up to 30 days. Your patience is appreciated. If you have questions about the application forms, please contact 

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Please note, the Truck calendar is only for events open to the public, so you can follow us around town! For more information regarding private events email us at  

We have *new* Walter's t-shirts, long sleeves, caps, beanies, and hooded sweatshirts. Ask about sizes and colors at the stand or email us to order merchandise or mustard.