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What: Black Tap takeover at Walter's

When: Friday, September 16th 

(& throughout weekend, while supplies last)

Shake: Cookies and Cream Supreme; Walter’s homemade Oreo ice cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla frosting, Oreo crunch crumble, & whole Oreo cookies, topped with whipped cream ($15)

Both NYC Black Tap locations will be serving Walter's hot dogs & curly fries Saturday, 9/17, & Sunday, 9/18

#waltershotdogs  #blacktapthat

Porta Napoli + Walter's = The Walter's Pizza 


The Story: Porta Napoli, located in Harrison, NY, posted a photo on Instagram about a new pizza they were making topped with hot dogs and french fries. This pizza is very popular among the people of Naples, Italy and they wanted to bring it to Westchester. They asked customers to pick a name for their new pie and Rob Petrone, a producer and host on Fios News' Restaurant Hunter, suggested they call it "The Walter's" and have us top it with our famous hot dogs. Oh, the powers of social media! 

The following day, Porta Napoli reached out to us and The Walter's was in progress. We taste tested numerous options - sliced hot dogs, french fries, all the fries, sauce, no sauce; needless to say we ate a lot of pizza that day! We're dealing with a 900 degree pizza oven so the cooking process for these items was a bit tricky. The verdict? Curly fries cooked better than the french, the potato puffs' buttery mashed potato flavor and texture added a fatty, creamy layer, and the classic Walter's hot dog, split down the middle, topped it off perfectly and got this beautiful crispy char on top. And that's how The Walter's came about!

We are so proud of this collaboration between our two local, family businesses. Our grandfather, Gene, joined us on pizza launch night and ate every last ounce of his pie proudly! Coming from Italy, we know Walter would be just as proud. So head to Porta Napoli, put on your stretchy pants, and mangia, mangia! 

- The Walter's family

Videos for your drooling pleasure:


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